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New Edition: In The Mix

Return to D-Day: The Certified Majestic Mixtape Series Pt. 2

Vibe With The Tribe: Strictly The Best From A Tribe Called Quest

Leaders of the Old School: True School Scholars

Sprint PCS: “Blingtones” mixtape

Saturday Night Special 1 & II (w/ J-Smoke of The Allies)

Soundbombing II “The Unofficial Mixtape”/Rawkus Records

“Rap Up 2003”/Mad Skillz Remix

Turntable Essence: “New Rhumba” ft. Lord Jamar

D-Day Vol. 1

DMC Phat Beats

Future Primitive (w/ Vin Roc)

Guest Appearances: Deeper Concentration & X-pressions (X-ecutioners)



Battle Sounds I, II, & III


DMC - Best of the Regionals (1998)

ITF USA (1997)

ITF Eliminations (1996)

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