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DJ Daddy Dog demonstrates a rare combination of versatile skills with party rocking attitude on the turntables & microphone. His energetic style & personality has captured the attention of many. In the early 2000’s, Daddy Dog won a DJ battle on MTV, which earned him a DJ spot on MTV’s TRL. This celebrity notoriety paved the way to more global opportunities.  The Double D landed numerous corporate tours with MTV, Volkswagen,  & Heineken, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  He has rocked events in over 40 US states. Internationally, he lived in Shanghai over 8 months to DJ over 20 cities in China. Daddy Dog has torn down venues from Kansas to Korea, France to Finland, Italy to Iceland, Amsterdam to Arizona. . A 20 year vinyl veteran, Daddy Dog has the ability to move crowds within any musical genre. From pop music to jazz festivals, his versatility shines. He has performed with such artists as pop diva Jennifer Lopez & two time Grammy Award jazz great Bob James. In addition, he was selected to dj as a 4 piece dj band at Lincoln Center in 2000. Also, has opened up for other legends like Kanye West,  Joan Jett,  & Public Enemy.


In fact, Daddy Dog is one of the very first few djs acquired by Scratch. He has performed at Scratch Academy’s premier launch in 2002 to current date. Working under Scratch, he provided the musical selection for over a hundred brand events including Adidias, Crunch Fitness,  Lancome, Macy’s, & AOL.


Also, Daddy Dog has shared his DJ knowledge and has taught over 1000 people the art of djing. Subsequently, led him to be selected by the Grammy Foundation to pass with turntable wizardry to eager students.

Always keeping up with the latest technology and trends, DJ Daddy Dog entered the newest realm of video mixing and editing, excelling from DJ to VJ. By combining music as well as viral visuals, he incorporates music with a interesting imagery and live on screen social media feed.  With nearly three quarter of a million YouTube views, he won a Video DJ Award in 2012.

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